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What do you recommend, Male or Female German Shepherd

German shepherd by wood pile


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If your considering on getting a German Shepherd, I have written this article to help you decide on which sex. This may seem like a easy choice now, although when the time comes to adopt your new furry friend, things get questionable. More than likely the one that comes to you the most will be your pick regardless if its a male or female.

Picking the one that picks you is a great start, just be ready for the challenges you could face in the future.

What do you recommend Male or Female GERMAN SHEPHERD?

We hear this question? every time someone comes to look at our puppies. Should I get a Male or Female? This question ultimately decides on the person. Each gender has its pros and cons, were here now to lay them out for you.

The German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent and best dog breeds around. This Beautiful all around sound dog was created by Captain Max Emil Friedrich Von. In 1899 a new formal breed was established by the Society for the German Shepherd and was the first president of the Verein Fur Deutsche Schaferhunde. This breed was used for herding and protecting sheep in Germany and was bred solely for their working ability, with little effort to standardize a particular appearance, eliminate genetic defects or to create a defined breed of dog. He’s objected was to create a herding dog to protect his family and help him with his job. Today German Shepherd bred in Germany and Europe must earn a Schutzhund I title or certificate in herding in order to be used for breeding.

Male vs female German Shepherd Size

First off, I’ll explain how the height his calculated. There not measured from the top of their head like you would think. There measured from the highest point of their shoulder blades, just behind the neck. This is known as the withers, by definition THE RIDGE BETWEEN THE SHOULDER-BLADES OF AN ANIMAL.

Females stand between 22 to 24 inches tall.

Males stand between 24 and 26 inches tall.

Both genders are longer than they are tall.

Male vs Female German Shepherds with Kids

Both male and female are great with kids, while playing outside together you can rest assure your kids will be under great surveillance of any threats. Not only are they great deterrents of a threat, they are also an alarm system for anything out of the ordinary.

Males tend to be bigger and a little clumsier which could cause some extra bums and bruise with small children however this is accidental.

Females with there smaller stature will not involve as many accidents bruises and tend to be easier for small children and adults to handle. Keep in mind if you do decide to breed your female, some can be very protected of there puppies. I suggest keeping your kids and a safe distance and judging this by a case by case.

Male vs Female German Shepherd Protection

Male or Female they are both great protection dogs. Males are larger and can be more intimidating but don’t estimate the female. The females are usually more cautious and will give you the look of death in a second if you’re a new stranger. Males tend to need a reason to get into attack mode, if he’s with a female and she goes in to attack mode he’s going to back her up tenfold.



• Best at protecting a family and territory
• More playful
• Loyal and Alert

• Clumsy around small kids
• Harder to train at a young age


• Easier to train at a young age
• Less Stubborn
• Better around small kids, less clumsy

• More cautious around strangers
• Not as threating as the Male


After taking all of this into consideration I think you should get one of each…. kidding, you really can’t go wrong with this breed. This will be a very hard decision and I hope that this article has helped you make your decision in your new family member.

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