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Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs

The German Shepherd Dog

is one of America’s most popular dog breeds for good reason. His devotion and courage are unmatched and he’s amazingly versatile,He’s an intelligent and capable Working dog: guide and assistance work for the handicapped, police and military service, herding, search and rescue, drug detection.
Winning the westminster Dog Show in 2017, best in show out of 202 eligible breeds makes the German Shepherd one of the all around best breeds. excelling at most anything he’s trained to do: competitive obedience and, last but not least, faithful companion. But, are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

  1. German Shepherds Live To Please And Protect Their Owner-Growing up with German Shepherds and now breeding German Shepherds I've learned a great deal about the breed. They are the most intelligence breed, I have ever had, very obedient and protective for my family. I have a sign in my driveway that says this, THIS HOME PROTECTIVE BY THE GOOD LORD & A GERMAN SHEPHERD IF YOU COME HERE TO STEAL OR DO HARM YOU MIGHT MEET THEM BOTH
  2. Luther

  3. German Shepherds with Kids-We have raised 4 kids around our German Shepherds and they are great. Little kids can be rough, there were many times my kids were 1, 2, 3, and up, they would grab our dogs tail, yank there ears, even try to ride them like a horse, it happens with kids. Rest assure these dogs somehow know there kids and would always retreat. If you have a kid that likes to wonder and own a German shepherd your kid is going to have there own personal body guard. My kids love our shepherds, they play hide and seek all the time. At night they often have them sleep in the room with them and I never end up getting the 2am wake up beside my bed that says daddy I'm scared.
  4. German Shepherds With Strangers-We have a lot of strangers come to our house and our dogs will only bark, smell and protect. These dogs our smart there not mean dogs, there very loyal dog. If you cross the line with there family they will let you know.
  5. German Shepherds In The House-Once you get past the puppy phase there a lot like your average dog. They do shed some, there not horrible thou there average on shedding. They don't mind there size and if you leave them they will be your favorite lap dog on the couch watching dancing with the stars.

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  1. Jen M. on February 26, 2020 at 2:45 pm

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