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How to house train your German Sheperd puppy

Most puppies take 3 to 6 months to house train; however, I've learned that this requires a good breed, German Shepherds are one of the tops. When you include this breed with good genes it will you’re your life so much easier….
There are also many other factors that come into play with succeeding in house training your puppy. Let’s go over some of these……


Make a routine

Just like everything else in life when you make a routine out of it, it becomes a deeply ingrained habit or skill. Set an alarm on your iPhone or android if that’s your one of those folks, every hour on the hour to take your puppy out to use the bathroom. This will instill a good habit in your puppy of going outside to go to the bathroom vs your wooden floor. This should be affected from day 1 of picking up your puppy up. If you choose an exceptional breeder to get your puppy from like Walters K9 Kennel’s, they would have already instilled this habit at 3 to 4 weeks of age. Its going to be your job to keep it going, it may seem like a lot at first. Week by week you can spread out the time extending it by 15 minutes at a time. Don’t stress it, its going to be worth it!!!!

Accidents Happen

Let’s face it, accidents do happen and if you can’t keep to the schedule, how is a 8 week old puppy with a 75-minute bladder capacity going to keep to it. There’s no need to rub their face in it, or fuss them up and down. Simple say No with a stern voice and redirect them outside to there usually spot.


Cheer your puppy on when they go to the bathroom outside, love them up and show them how proud you are. Reward them with T.T.L TREATS-TOYS-LOVE, your puppy wants to make you happy.

Paper Training

If you’re a busy person paper training can be very useful. You can use this inside the crate while your away or at night while there sleeping.

We recommend Glad training pads!!!


Take your puppy to the vet, there could be an underlying condition causing them to pee on the floor. They may be showing you there is something wrong. Your puppy may have a urinary tract problem or bladder stones.

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