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Puppy Deposit for Luther and Zina


Deposit For German Shepherd Puppy



Walters Tristate German Shepherds hereby warranties this German shepherd puppy, purchased under this contract.  There is no refund available, but within the first week of ownership you may exchange the puppy with one from another litter when a new one that is acceptable to you is available.  We can crate and house train your puppy for $25 per day after the pup is 8 weeks old.  If for any reason you are unable to care for the pup at any age we can help you get the pup adopted with another family.  It is part of this contract that you must contact us if such occasion arises so that we help place the pup with the proper new family for a healthy happy life.

Walters Tristate German Shepherds warranties that the puppy identified above for 2 years from the date of birth for severe hip dysplasia.

Deposit’s amount is Non-refundable.




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